So I was browsing through a few H!P fanblogs, and I came across MorningBerryz’s recent entry about the new unit, Buono!, featuring Suzuki Airi, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and Tsugunaga Momoko. In that entry, MorningBerryz asked “Hmmm…if you could create your own mini H!P unit who’d you choose?” And that question got me really thinking. I wasn’t actually too pleased with the announcement of Buono; I liked the name, and I liked most of the girls enough, but they were three major, front-girls of their own groups. There is never a lack of Airi, Miyabi, or Momoko in any of their group singles, so this unit wasn’t anything new and fresh that I would’ve hoped for. I want some of the other girls to really get their chance to shine. So thinking up this group wasn’t too hard for me. Here’s what I came up with.

I apologize for the awful photoshop job there. Don’t have the best image-editing skills, but I think you get the point!

So, why these three?
Tokunaga Chinami – One of my favorite Berryz girls. This one was an easy pick. I absolutely love Chinami’s voice– along with her look, her attitude, everything. She’s so silly and fun, and does not get NEARLY enough lines as she deserves in group singles. She gets her fair share of lines in b-sides, but Chinami is a-side material! She was one of the lucky ones to actually get… one solo line… in Very Beauty, and her voice really puts this lovely little spin on the song. It really turns out well. Her voice in that line, to me, is really full of hope and optimism. She REALLY delivers, even in live shows! Watch this performance if you haven’t before– Chinami’s solo line is just PERFECT.

Honestly, if there was a new unit created, I’d want to see Chinami in it the most. It’s really time for this girl to shine, and getting almost no lines at all in Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba was a complete shame. With her personality and voice, Chinami would be a fantastic addition to any unit.

Umeda Erika – Now, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Erika. She’s probably my favorite girl in H!P, hands down. She’s gorgeous, has a beautiful voice, is a fantastic dancer, and I love her personality. Now, Erika’s been in a unit before– ZYX, so she has gotten a little more exposure, but I couldn’t possibly leave her out of my dream unit. Erika’s another one that really does awesome, even in lives. Need evidence of how awesome she is?

This girl has real star quality.

Linlin – Chinami and Erika were the easy choices. It was the third spot of this mini-unit that I took a lot of time thinking about. The first ones that came to mind were Nakajima Saki (because I love the relationship that she has with Erika, and I have a feeling they’d work well together) and Arihara Kanna (because she impressed me so much in the most recent C-ute concert DVD). But after going through and thinking, Linlin came to mind, and she was PERFECT for this unit! I think her voice would work really well with Erika and Chinami’s, and her goofy, cheerful personality would fit right in, too. If you’re not too familiar with her voice, here’s a fan-made video featuring a recording of Linlin singing solo:

 Now, I know there’s no chance of a Linlin/Erika/Chinami mini-unit happening (and if it did, I’m pretty sure I’d be hospitalized from passing out from the excitement), unless Tsunku/other H!P people magically tap into my brain/come across my blog, read English, and care, but hey, a fangirl can dream, right?