So the rips have been released out on the net for Morning Musume’s new single, “Mikan.”  I’ve been listening to the radio rip and a concert rip (since that’s really all that’s out there), and while such low-quality files aren’t exactly the best to judge a single on, they’ll have to do for now. If you haven’t come across any of these and want to take a listen, here’s links to those files (both found at JPH!P forums):

Mikan: Radio Preview
Mikan: Concert Rip

Mikan clearly takes a turn from Morning Musume’s past few singles; Kanashimi Twilight and Onna ni Sachi Are definitely have that angry/edgy feel to them, and Mikan is a totally different change of pace. Mikan’s upbeat and fun to listen to, but it’s missing two very, very vital things.

Where are Junjun and Linlin?!

The many Takahashi solo lines were expected, but this time around, I hear plenty of Reina, too, but that’s not unusual, either. Not as much Koharu this time around. Sayumi’s finally got a few solo lines, which is nice to hear especially since she got completely screwed over in Onna ni Sachi Are– the only one without at least one solo line.

But still, where are Junjun and Linlin?! No solo lines, as far as I can hear! I don’t know the situation over in Japan, but I know that around the English-speaking fan community, Junjun and Linlin have been the reason for rekindling interest in Morning Musume for some people. It’s not like the Hello! Project big shots really know/care much about the international community outside of Asia (or at least I’m assuming), but I’m just making the connection that if there’s that kind of response to the two new members over here, there’s got to be something similar over in Japan. Maybe I’m wrong (if so, someone let me know!). But for now, I think we NEED MOAR Junjun and Linlin!

Can’t we give up a few Takahashi and/or Reina solo lines for them?! Takahashi because, well, she’s not exactly lacking in solo lines– I understand she’s a good singer, and I’m not saying to not give her solo lines, but just spare a few for Junjun and Linlin! And Reina because– heh, I’ll admit it. I’m totally biased on that one because Reina is one of the few people in Hello! Project that I simply don’t like.

And it’s not like Junjun and Linlin can’t sing! Like I mentioned in my post on the H!P New Members concert, Junjun still needs work in her singing from what I’ve heard, but in live performances, she seems to be getting better, and I think Linlin is one of the better singers in Morning Musume right now! I mentioned that they totally rocked out in the performance of ‘Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita,’ and the lack of Junjun and Linlin in this new single motivated me enough to hunt down a way of ripping that performance from my DVD onto Youtube. It’s not the best quality– butchered by Youtube as usual, but this is evidence that must be seen!

First notable thing is just how much FUN Junjun and Linlin look like they’re having. Oh, the overwhelming cuteness! Makes me want to sing along! Second VERY important thing to notice is Linlin’s voice! Ironically, she has what Takahashi’s part was in the song, so she gets a few noticeable lines– one at -2:37, a simple, “aishiteru!” done perfectly! And then again at -2:04, she has a little longer part, and her voice quality sounds so good there, considering all the dancing in this performance!

Well, here’s hoping for more of these two in the next single. For now, though, I feel entitled to rant away about this very, very serious issue. There better be LOTS of them in the Mikan PV to make up for this injustice! >|