Wait, wait wait wait wait wait. How did I miss this one?!

It is almost 5 AM. I’m getting ready to go to bed– wanted to listen to a SweetS song before I turned off the computer, and I realized I didn’t have the one (Pieces of Peace) I was looking for on my computer. So onto that trusty SweetS resource, Mienai Tsubasa, I went, and before I headed off to the page I was looking for– a new update caught my eye. It was pretty recent, just posted up on December 20, and I had to remind myself not to just SCREAM (seeing as it’s… almost 5 AM and people are sleeping). Why? MIORI IS IN A PV.

She’s not singing– just… well, acting, and looking gorgeous. But it doesn’t MATTER. It’s Miori!! In a PV! I was seriously just… gaping in awe when her face popped up on the screen in that PV. I never thought I’d see a SweetS girl after the group disbanded– though Miori was supposed to be going into modeling, I don’t exactly follow models, so I don’t know what happened with her there. But this is pretty much the first time I’ve seen her surface since– and in a PV, no less!

The PV is for the song called “Akaneiro, Sora no Shita,” and is by Himari. I’ve personally never heard of the duo before, but the song is actually a good listen (I’ve had it on repeat ever since I found it), if Miori wasn’t enough of a pull for it already.

I don’t know if I’m totally late on the news here– since the PV was released in November, but I don’t really care, haha. I’m just too happy to see Miori doing SOMETHING now. And I’m just hoping some people will be as ecstatic as I am if they haven’t seen/heard of this yet.

So, without any further delay– the PV:

 I’ve also uploaded it to Mediafire (here), if anyone wants to download it. Again, the source for that is Mienai Tsubasa, so a BIG thank you for them to uploading it for us all to see!

I’m too tired to do a write-up on the PV right now, but I figured I’d toss this post out there ASAP to share the news with anyone who hasn’t heard yet. (But will be taking a suggestion from Ray over at International Wota and should be putting up a more analytical post on another lovely Berryz girl sometime later this weekend.)

So, for now, I’m off to desperately pray for Aki’s return– uh, I mean… sleep (if I’m ABLE to stop being so ecstatic about this!).