When most people think of AKB48, I’m sure it’s the front girls that come to mind. If you’re unfamiliar with the group and have only hear one or two of their songs, seen a few promotional things of them out there (a PV, a commercial, whatever it may be), there are probably a few girls that you might be able to picture. The first one that comes to mind is probably Maeda Atsuko, AKB48’s prized daughter. You’d probably also know Takahashi Minami, another front girl in the group. All the rest is up for grabs. A particular girl might’ve caught your eye in a PV and you may have looked up her name– say, Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko, Oshima Mai, or Shinoda Mariko. All get pretty consistent screen time in the PVs. All depends on your preferences, anyway. Maybe you’ve checked out Aitakatta! An AKB48 Blog to learn more about some of the girls. You could’ve gone a few paths from there– became an AKB48 of varying degrees, or, you know, were just content with the knowledge you’d gained about the group as it was and became a casual listener, or even forgot about AKB48 for the most part.

I could spend about a week straight just blogging about all the girls and I’d still probably have more to say, so I’m going to really focus in on one aspect of AKB48 that most people overlook right now. Even among fans– lots of people know Teams A and K, but Team B remains a bit of a mystery. You see their pictures, you hear the occasional fan talk about their favorite Team B members, you may have spotted a Team B member in a PV! But for the most part, Team B remains very misunderstood. A good portion of AKB48 fans know and have come to love Team B, but it’s just not enough in my eyes. So I’m going to try my hand at correcting that. Why? Because they deserve it, simply enough! Too many assumptions are made about this Team because people are too focused on the other two teams. Now, I’m not saying that you all should just give up your favorites and love Team B forever and ever, but just give them a chance! I definitely have favorites on Teams A and K myself and think they’re both wonderful parts of AKB48– the group, quite literally, wouldn’t be the same without them. Each team has their merits, each team has their own style. Even Team B. It’s called AKB48, not AKandthoseotherpeople48.

Disclaimer: I just want to note that this entry is lengthy. This was on purpose. Don’t feel bad about skimming the entry or just reading one or two profiles. If you want to read the whole thing, you’ve definitely got my admiration! But my whole purpose here was just getting out as much information as possible about these underloved girls in hopes of them getting a bit more attention in the fan world. But seriously, even if you just learn about one or two members, I’d be thrilled! 



Wait, wait wait wait wait wait. How did I miss this one?!

It is almost 5 AM. I’m getting ready to go to bed– wanted to listen to a SweetS song before I turned off the computer, and I realized I didn’t have the one (Pieces of Peace) I was looking for on my computer. So onto that trusty SweetS resource, Mienai Tsubasa, I went, and before I headed off to the page I was looking for– a new update caught my eye. It was pretty recent, just posted up on December 20, and I had to remind myself not to just SCREAM (seeing as it’s… almost 5 AM and people are sleeping). Why? MIORI IS IN A PV.

She’s not singing– just… well, acting, and looking gorgeous. But it doesn’t MATTER. It’s Miori!! In a PV! I was seriously just… gaping in awe when her face popped up on the screen in that PV. I never thought I’d see a SweetS girl after the group disbanded– though Miori was supposed to be going into modeling, I don’t exactly follow models, so I don’t know what happened with her there. But this is pretty much the first time I’ve seen her surface since– and in a PV, no less!

The PV is for the song called “Akaneiro, Sora no Shita,” and is by Himari. I’ve personally never heard of the duo before, but the song is actually a good listen (I’ve had it on repeat ever since I found it), if Miori wasn’t enough of a pull for it already.

I don’t know if I’m totally late on the news here– since the PV was released in November, but I don’t really care, haha. I’m just too happy to see Miori doing SOMETHING now. And I’m just hoping some people will be as ecstatic as I am if they haven’t seen/heard of this yet.

So, without any further delay– the PV:

 I’ve also uploaded it to Mediafire (here), if anyone wants to download it. Again, the source for that is Mienai Tsubasa, so a BIG thank you for them to uploading it for us all to see!

I’m too tired to do a write-up on the PV right now, but I figured I’d toss this post out there ASAP to share the news with anyone who hasn’t heard yet. (But will be taking a suggestion from Ray over at International Wota and should be putting up a more analytical post on another lovely Berryz girl sometime later this weekend.)

So, for now, I’m off to desperately pray for Aki’s return– uh, I mean… sleep (if I’m ABLE to stop being so ecstatic about this!).

This post will officially qualify for my post with the LEAST substance yet, but I’m sorry, this just HAS to be shared. My brain just about exploded from the epicness that is this photograph.

 Click it, click it, click it, click it!

ERIKA and YUKIRIN in the SAME PICTURE! And and and! Nakajima Saki~ and Sayaka and Sae! Chinami! Satou Amina! Ohori Megumi! Itano Tomomi! Risako! Yurina! Kanna! Acchan! Rina! Andandand everyone else! In the saaaaame place! The only thing that would make this picture better is, well, Maimi. And Morning Musume. Then I’d officially be in a coma from all the awesomeness.

Kouhaku… is going to be SO awesome this year.