Well, hello again. Feels like I haven’t blogged in a while now, but it really wasn’t that long ago. I’ve been pretty ill these past few weeks– that and otherwise buried in homework. Those factors sort of combine together with the fact that nothing recent in the idol world has inspired me quite enough to make a big blog post about it (sometimes I think I have an attention span worse than Tsunku’s), but the recent Hello! Project ranking poll started by Hello! Blog that’s been going around and reading about everyone’s rankings has made me want to join in, too. So I’ll post up my rankings and explanations and combine a whole bunch of random thoughts I’ve had about recent events in the idol world later on in the entry. So, without further ado…



It took me forever to decide on a title for this post. I wanted to get across the point that it’d be about Risako, obviously, but I didn’t even know how to go about phrasing it. I’m not 100% happy about how in turned out– but it’ll do. It was either that, or replace ‘Mystery’ with ‘Power.’ (And then both of them led me to trying to form some pun like… Risakopower!! ga subarashii… and, just… anyway.) Power might be a bit more true to the entry, but it sounds awkward out of context and sounded more like some kind of late-night infomercial on alternative healing or something. But I guess that’s the inevitable trouble I face in trying to describe a girl as… extraordinary as Risako.


Once in a while, I need to get these things out of my system. There’s nothing too immense going on in the idol world right now that I feel the need to share my take on, so I’m going to put up a much more personal post. Not personal as in my actual boring life (trust me, even I’d want to be spared the excruciating details of the tale of another neuroscience class, kthx), but much more idol-based. So! I present to you, my current Top 10 in the idol world.


Well, hello everyone! I’ve been lurking about in the blog world for a while now– I’ve always enjoyed reading other blogs on idols in the fabulous world of J-pop, and I’ve always wanted to start my own, so– tadah!

For anyone who’s curious, my name’s Samantha. I just turned 19 back on August 1, and I’m a college student majoring in Neuroscience. Yeah, I don’t know why either. I’m in a bit of an, “oh god, what am I going to do for the rest of my life” crisis at the moment, but, um, for now, neuroscience! I go to a tiny university in upstate New York, and when I head back up there when school starts again, I’m sure I’ll be blasting happy J-pop whenever possible now that I am roommate-less (but that’s an entire story for another day).

 My main love of J-pop belongs to Hello! Project and its subgroups. I’ve been into J-pop in general for about five or six years now, but a little less than two years ago, I came across some Morning Musume songs, and that’s the first time I was inspired to actually research my idols. So I blame Morning Musume (Otome no Shinrigaku was, oddly enough, the first song of theirs I heard) for dragging me into the world of J-pop idols– but that’s never been a bad thing! Outside of Hello! Project (and TNX), I’m a fan of AKB48, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Utada Hikaru– and I miss SweetS!– but I’ll mainly be blogging about H!P, TNX, and AKB48 here.

On the internetz, you may have seen me around as yumestarlet on forums, and outside of that, I’m in a few singing groups, name Sekai no Melody— you can find me there as Solaire, and Stage48 Records, where I’m Iijima Yumi there.

 Last issue to address is the name of the blog, I guess! Egao YES Idols. Inspired by the Morning Musume song, ‘Egao YES Nude,’ which is a fantastic song if you haven’t listened to it yet, and– well, replace Nude with Idols and– tada! It sounded fitting! And the current layout of the blog features a picture from C-ute’s group photobook, So Cute– picked because it is, indeed, So Cute!

So that’s that! Expect a proper entry on Morning Musume’s new single very soon!